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Harmony N Acres

Ditch the Itch ~Relief stick for all things itchy

Ditch the Itch ~Relief stick for all things itchy

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Your outdoor summer relief! This small but awesome green stick is great for bug bites and itch. It also is effective for poison ivy and poison oak. Use it on rashes or sunburn. We use some mild but yet powerful herbs like:

Plantain ~ Assists as a drawing agent to pull out toxins while soothing

Calendula ~ Great on the skin for irritations and yet gentle for kids

Chickweed ~ Cooling and soothing. Calms itchiness like no other

French Green Clay ~ Soft and odorless, naturally absorbent and detoxifying. Known for soothing rashes and bug bites. Ideal for acne spots. Also, makes for a cool green color!

Keep this one on hand! The small packaging is great for on the go!

Safe for kids and little ones over 6 weeks.

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