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Harmony N Acres

Raise Your Hands! ~ XL Organic Hand Relief

Raise Your Hands! ~ XL Organic Hand Relief

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Your hands. They take a lot of abuse and the weather doesn't help! We crafted this organic salve to relieve them from the daily assaults. Chapped? Got it covered! Cracked? No worries, we'll handle that! Worn? Yep, its gonna help! At the same time, you don't have to worry about the chemicals or toxic ingredients. We combine the usual herbs known to relieve skin ~ calendula, chamomile ~ and added some unique herbs ~ comfrey, marshmallow, licorice ~ that are highly effective and you won't find in other herbal formulas.

Smells great, soaks right in and leaves a softness behind. 

It's also been hubby tested and approved!

In an extra large tin 'cause more is definitely better with this one!

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