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Rosy Cheeks ~ Your new favorite skin cream

Rosy Cheeks ~ Your new favorite skin cream

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Rosy Cheeks is an organic and natural, non-toxic whipped skin cream designed to soothe and moisturize delicate skin of babies and adults alike. It relieves diaper rash and helps alleviate red skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, acne and rosacea. The bentonite clay helps to draw toxins, bacteria and other impurities from our skin. It's amazing on adult skin. Helps retain moisture, keeps your face soft all day and you won't feel dry. 

Diaper rash - A study by the NCBI (PMID 25097603) showed that bentonite clay in addition to calendula ~it's in there too!~ was effective on 93.3% after 6 hours.

THIS ---->>> Bentonite Clay releases silica into into the skin which promotes collagen production. Collagen firms and strengthens skin which has the effect of minimizing lines and wrinkles. 

Bentonite Clay is also used to treat Poison Ivy effectively.

There's too much goodness packed into this to not try it!!

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