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Harmony N Acres

Upcoming Vanilla

Upcoming Vanilla

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We take our time and "brew" small batch vanilla extracts using unique alcohols and beans from all over the world. This creates the best vanilla for all your baking, beverages and anywhere else you can fit in some vanilla! The flavor profiles will be detailed when they become available.

On Deck:


Sri Lanka Vanilla Beans!

Buffalo Trace Wheatley Vodka ~ A nice smooth vodka so the flavor of these beans can shine through


READY Early 2024~

Hawaiian Vanilla Beans

Ocean Organic Vodka~ TRIPLE FOLD!! Oh yes we did! We took some very hard to come by beans from Hawaii and added them to Hawaiian Organic Vodka. The 2 together are going to be amazing!

New brew:

Dark Mix (Fall Blend)

Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond~DOUBLE FOLD One of the best rated bourbons to extract in. We made extra this time, don't worry.

Madagascar Bourbon Beans (curing method, not the alcohol)

Dynamite Coffee infused Tequila Blanco~ DOUBLE FOLD Ummmmm you did what? We did! We infused some locally roasted Organic Mexican Chiapas coffee in a little small batch tequila blanco and then we took that and added a double fold of madagascar beans. If you missed the last tequila brew, you're in luck! This one is gonna be outrageous!

Standard and Method Apple Spiced Vodka~ DOUBLE FOLD Apples, cinnamon, vanilla?!?! How could we pass up this idea! Of the smells already.....

Kraken GOLD Spiced Rum~ DOUBLE FOLD Why? Why not? Thats the question!

Dark Blend Mixed Beans (Winter Blend)

Kaluha Especial~ DOUBLE FOLD A higher proofed rum and coffee favorite that we are taking next level!

Novo Fugo~ DOUBLE FOLD Novo what? That's what we said until we tried this Organic Cachaca. The undertones in this spirit are certain to knock this extract out of the park!

 Indonesian Beans

Smore's Whiskey~ Just a little twist on the cookie dough whioskey we've done before. It was so great for baking and the flavor....yum! So we kicked it up a notch! This will definitley be another favorite.

Sweet Tea Vodka~ Hmmmmmm? What? YEP. We are brewing up some Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea vodka and beans! It already smells amazing. Don't be fooled, this one will be phenomenal! 



Why all the Coconut Rum? A fella that has been in the extract business for quite some time, tested a slew of different alcohols. He extracted the same beans in multiple alcohols and sent the extract to over 200 people. The winner came back and it was the coconut rum! As an experiment, we tried it. It certainly will take any sweet baked good to a whole other level!


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